Finance & Insurance Data Management

Rittal has everything required to keep data centers running at peak performance. For IT professionals responsible for system availability, our comprehensive rack systems offer innovative cooling technologies, redundant power management, reliable security and remote system monitoring. Our flexible, modular systems allow for maximum utilization of precious data center floor space and the latest in snap-fit, tool-less assembly truly works to Make IT Easy.

  • Planning resources

    • Analysis and evaluation of all requirements for your new or existing data center
    • Extensive measurements to determine all the key parameters of your IT and infrastructure systems
    • Concepts, ideas and innovative solutions for your IT environment for security, availability and optimum cost efficiency
    • Rittal has the industry know-how and understands the specific issues of your sector

  • Products

    • Network/Server Enclosures
    • Wallmount Network Enclosures
    • PDU Power Distribution Units
    • UPS
    • Cable Management
    • IT Liquid Cooling, IT Fans/Blowers
    • Monitoring and Security

  • Service

    • Global service with in-house service engineers
    • Customer-centric, readily available — more than 60 subsidiaries and 40 international agents
    • Reliable costs with individual maintenance contracts around the globe
    • Extendible guarantee times based around your requirements