Plant Floor Networking

The use of IT equipment outside of the data center continues to grow, requiring enclosure solutions that can meet the demands of both IT performance and industrial-grade protection. Rittal manufacturers a variety of network enclosures designed for the security and environmental challenges of the plant floor. From modular wallmount enclosures to freestanding models, enclosure solutions are available to meet NEMA 12 and UL Type 12 requirements.

  • Planning resources

    • Efficient analysis and evaluation of all energy, climate, security and IT processes for a new or existing data center
    • Optimization of key parameters regarding costs, energy use, security, disaster recovery and monitoring of IT and infrastructure systems
    • Solutions for a complete IT environment including security, availability and optimum cost efficiency
    • Rittal systems are energy efficient and scalable

  • Products

    • EL 3-Part Enclosure
    • EL 3-Part NEMA 12 Enclosure
    • TS8 NEMA 12 Network Enclosure
    • TS8 UL Type 12 Network Enclosure
    • Single Phase 110V Double Conversion
    • Single Phase 110V Line Interactive
    • Single Phase 110V Small Capacity
    • Single Phase 230V Double Conversion
    • Single Phase 230V Line Interactive
    • Single Phase 230V Small Capacity
    • IT Fans/Blowers

  • Service

    • Global service with in-house service engineers
    • Customer-centric, readily available — more than 60 subsidiaries and 40 international agents
    • Reliable costs with individual maintenance contracts around the globe
    • Extendible guarantee times based around your requirements