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Model No. TS 8800.200

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    Width divider, divides 1200 mm wide TS and SE enclosures into two halves in the base assembly, to enable different configurations.

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    Description: Divides 1200 mm wide TS or SE enclosures into two halves.
    Material: Carbon steel
    Surface finish: Zinc-plated
    Supply includes: 1 bracket for right
    1 bracket for left
    2 compensating plates for the top
    Assembly components
    Installation options: Two mounting plates side by side: Two mounting plates (from 600 mm wide enclosures) in a 1200 mm wide enclosure allow independent positioning and easy handling. For this installation, 4 punched rails, 18 x 38 mm, at the bottom, to fit enclosure depth and 1 PS punched section without mounting flange, 23 x 73 mm, at the top, to fit enclosure depth, are required
    System support rails, fitted on the left: While heavy installed equipment rests on the system support rails, the remaining floor space is free, e.g., for unhindered cable entry. For this installation, 2 system support rails and 1 TS punched rail 18 x 38 mm, to fit enclosure depth, are required
    Cable clamp rail, installed on the left: With 1200 mm wide enclosures, the width divider allows cable entry and cable clamping to be arranged differently on the left and right of the enclosure. For this installation, 1 cable clamp rail and 1 TS punched rail 18 x 38 mm, to fit enclosure depth, are required
    Weight/packaging unit: 0.74 kg (1.6 lb.)
    ETIM 5.0: EC002620
    eCl@ss 8.0/8.1: 27189261
    eCl@ss 6.0/6.1: 27189234
    Product description: TS Width divider, for TS, SE

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    Model No. TS 8800.200

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