Knowledge base

Information on key Rittal topics

Knowledge base

Knowledge base

Here you will find information about our product approvals, Rittal surface protection, our quality management system, the Rittal EMC concept and our handling guidelines.

Product approvals

In the certified Rittal quality laboratory, testing is conducted to all well-known international standards. To meet the requirements of these standards, an enclosure must pass up to 20 different tests.

Rittal surface protection

Rittal is using new technologies in surface finishing. Thanks to nano-coating, Rittal products already boast the best possible surface protection and corrosion resistance.

Rittal is continuously developing and testing new techniques to optimise the durability, function and safety of its products. By using nano-coating, the world market leader in enclosure and case technology is now setting new standards in surface technology.

QM reports

Information about IP and NEMA protection categories, ECB•S certification, quality management and product environmental protection at Rittal.