GSA Elektrotechnik und Engineering

Modular system for small switchgear

How do you assemble a clearly designed and compact energy distribution system requiring max. 80 A? That was the question facing the team at GSA Elektrotechnik und Engineering GmbH.

The small Vienna-based company implements projects for all kinds of industries, providing everything from consulting and planning expertise through to programming and enclosure manufacturing services. For this question relating to a heat recovery plant, it found the right answer: the Rittal RiLine Compact busbar system. This modular system enables simple project planning and quick assembly. When combined with connection systems, component adaptors and fuse elements, the board system with integrated busbars forms compact units that can be perfectly accommodated in an enclosure. The power distribution system is designed specifically for small control and switchgear systems with a maximum current of up to 125 A. Just what the GSA project needed.

Selecting the best possible solution for a project from all of the options in a modular system is a bit like Lego for adults.
Michael Sostek, Managing Partner, GSA Elektrotechnik und Engineering

Fast and reliable

The RiLine Compact, a type-tested power distribution system, can supply electrical energy to different versions of protective and switching devices. The system with completely contact-hazard-protected boards facilitates and speeds up assembly. Components can be simply plugged onto the board for both mechanical and electrical connection in one assembly step. The GSA team was especially won over by this ease of assembly. Various adaptors are available that allow easy connection, so helping to mount switching and protective devices. There are also adaptors for connection to round conductors and a variety of functional modules for motor and power control. Assembly is not only especially fast with the RiLine Compact, but also entirely tool-free. Both the boards and system components can be installed with incredible ease and speed.

GSA has equipped a total of four enclosures with the RiLine Compact for its customer. The specialists are especially impressed by the simple and reliable functionality. The contact hazard protection means the user is protected from live parts, for example.  Thanks to its standardised and standards-compliant system technology, the compact busbar system can be used in controls for both the IEC and UL markets. For GSA, the system is the perfect solution for all applications up to 125 A.

That extra edge

GSA is convinced that a company can use ideas and flexibility to stand out from the competitive masses. It also wants to offer something out of the ordinary when it comes to design – solutions that not only work, but also look professional in the end. It has unquestionably succeeded in achieving that on this project with the RiLine Compact.