Energy storage solutions

Smart, sustainable energy storage systems

The ever higher proportion of renewable energies in the power supply is making energy storage systems increasingly important. On the fringes so far, these systems are set to become a mass phenomenon over the next ten years. Trends such as electromobility are making the ongoing development of sustainable storage technologies a must. Furthermore, a large number of manufacturing companies use energy storage systems for applications such as ensuring an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Additional options for use are also emerging due to the volatility associated with the generation of the renewable energies now being integrated into supply grids.

Efficient, networked energy storage

Energy storage systems will provide more than just a storage function in the future. They will also play a key role in smart networking with decentralized energy generation facilities. Only if photovoltaic systems, wind farms, micro-CHP plants and other energy generators and consumers are linked and controlled digitally is it possible to balance consumption and generation in households, commercial enterprises and industry. Cutting-edge information and communication technologies and energy storage systems are an essential part of future energy supplies. State-of-the-art facility management offers a whole host of options for optimizing energy efficiency.

The growing demand is making battery-based energy storage systems increasingly attractive. Avoiding peak loads is just one way in which these systems cut manufacturing companies’ overall energy costs. The reliability and efficiency of energy storage solutions depend on the various components working together smoothly – from rechargeable battery cells and power distribution through to climate control and monitoring of the entire system. The use of energy storage modules places high demands on the enclosure systems in which they are installed. This calls for solutions that provide the best possible combination of features such as maximum reliability, easy handling and an attractive design.

Maritime industry

Complete solutions for harsh environmental conditions

Life on the high seas can get very tough, so technical systems used in the maritime industry require highly effective protection against environmental influences.

Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA)

Hybrid system for drilling vessels

Based in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, AKA provides solutions – incorporating components from Rittal – for open sea, offshore and industrial applications in the oil and gas industry, and also for supplying electricity at sea and on dry...


Hot water on the mountainside

A photovoltaic system and a combined heat and power plant operated with vegetable oil supply carbon-neutral electrical energy for the alpine hut of the German Alpine Association’s Coburg section. The hut offers hot showers, a drying room and even...