Intelligent software solutions

Tools you can use.

From monitoring individual units or an entire data center to planning a new installation or configuring components, there's a range of intelligent tools awaiting as integral parts of "Rittal - The System". Tools that include…

  • The CAD component library - RiCAD-3D enables shorter planning times, by significantly reducing engineering and design work for Rittal products with 3D drawings.

  • Rittal Therm allows you to calculate climate control requirements of enclosures in advance, and tailor cooling units precisely to individual requirements.

  • Rittal Power Engineering makes project management of switchgear power distribution faster and more reliable.

  • RiZone allows easy management and monitoring of entire data centers, from power supply and distribution, to cooling and a complete security system.

These intelligent tools work to provide the ultimate in efficiency and cost-effectiveness within "Rittal - The System."