The platform for everything.

Infinite possibilities for industry and IT.


The platform for everything. Infinite possibilities for industry and IT.

Benefit from a unique and unparalleled modular system platform for industry and IT. Our solutions will make you a winner. They solve problems, accelerate operations, boost productivity and help to protect the environment. We have the solutions of the future at our fingertips with a smart system architecture comprised of individual modules (enclosure, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software & service). Find out more about the benefits of Rittal – The system.



Innovative enclosure and housing technology


Power Distribution

Reliable power distribution and back-up


Climate Control

Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly climate control solutions


Rittal Automation Systems

Manual tools through to fully automated machine technology


IT Infrastructure

From server racks to complete data centers



An extensive range of accessories for endless possibilities

Expert knowledge

Tips and tricks

“What protection categories are required in North America?”, “What is the correct way to earth a cable shield?”, “Do I need a base/plinth for my enclosure?”. These and the answers to countless other FAQs and specialist topics on every aspect of our...

A data centre solution to suit your application

Standardised. Adaptable. Available for you worldwide.

Looking for a talented, versatile, future-proof micro data centre that will grow along with your requirements? Our complete solution for your IT infrastructure is designed to meet current and future requirements.