Power distribution

Reliably on the right track

Forward-thinking solutions for modern low-voltage distribution

    • Busbar Systems RiLine busbar systems for individual switching and control systems. Complete solutions up to 1600 A for AC or DC applications. Busbar Systems
    • Ri4Power TS 8 Modular building block system for low-voltage switchgear with design verification to IEC 61 439-1/-2 and DIN EN 61 439-1/-2, for use as control systems and energy distribution devices up to 5500 A. Ri4Power TS 8
    • IT power Power distribution and back-up are key elements of IT High Availability. Rack power distribution is available as standard PDU or modular power distribution (PSM) solutions. This allows for individually adapted rack PDU solutions from basic power distribution up to intelligent solutions with extensive measurement and management functions. IT power