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    • RiMatrix S RiMatrix S - the revolutionary alternative to individual data center construction. Here, you will find pre-configured, complete and standardized data center modules. RiMatrix S
    • IT Enclosure Systems The appropriate rack for your network and server applications, whether open distribution frame, TE 8000 with optimal access to your installation level or TS IT with glass door or vented doors in more than 100 variants. IT Enclosure Systems
    • IT Enclosures Compact 19" housing for small network applications up to protection category IP 66. For optimum accessibility and flexible use as a wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure. IT Enclosures
    • IT power Power distribution and back-up are key elements of IT High Availability. Rack power distribution is available as standard PDU or modular power distribution (PSM) solutions. This allows for individually adapted rack PDU solutions from basic power distribution up to intelligent solutions with extensive measurement and management functions. IT power
    • IT-Cooling Needs-based cooling solutions, coolant or water-based for rack, bay and room cooling from 3 kW to 481 kW. IT-Cooling
    • IT Monitoring Gain a better overview of your IT infrastructure thanks to flexible and individual solutions for controlling and monitoring all physical parameters within your IT environment. IT Monitoring
    • IT Security Solutions Perfect protection from physical threats to your IT infrastructure. From modular room systems that adapt individually to your specific location conditions, through to security safes and fire alarm and extinguisher systems. IT Security Solutions
    • Modular data center solutions Discover new perspectives: from standardized data center modules through to the latest infrastructure and cloud solutions. Modular data center solutions

On behalf of the Canadian data centre community and the Great Canadian Data Center Symposium, InsightaaS and McMaster University's Computing Infrastructure Research Centre are delighted to Present this 2019 CDCXA Leaders' Circle Award to:
Rittal Systems
in the category of:
Data Centre Facility Infrastructure

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