Cooling Units

  • Thermoelectric Cooler Total cooling/heating output 100 W
    Thermoelectric Cooler Total cooling/heating output 100 W

    This powerful thermoelectric cooling unit in a lightweight design is the ideal climate control solution for command panels and small enclosures.


  • Wall-Mounted Cooling Units
    Wall-Mounted Cooling Units

    External mounting or internal mounting in doors and walls using standardized cut-outs. Nano-coated condenser.


  • Roof-Mounted Cooling Units
    Roof-Mounted Cooling Units

    Ensures doors, side panels and escape routes are kept free. Electrical condensate evaporation, nano-coated condenser. Optional roof plates with cut-outs.


  • Modular Climate Control Concept
    Modular Climate Control Concept

    Easy replacement of existing door, no machining required, even while system is operational. Cooling output up to 2500 W.


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