IT Security Solutions

  • Micro Data Center
    Micro Data Center

    Security safes available in various models to provide physical protection for one or more server enclosures. By adding various configuration components the safe becomes a fully equipped micro data center.


  • DCC Data Center Container
    DCC Data Center Container

    Data Center Container for mobile or temporary use of IT systems which includes an innovative, direct free cooling of up to 20 kW. It saves up to 40% of cooling costs.


  • Fire alarm and extinguisher systems DET-AC
    Fire alarm and extinguisher systems DET-AC

    With the VdS-tested early fire detection and extinguishing system for network and server enclosures, up to five bayed racks can be monitored and extinguished in the event of a fire. The environmentally friendly extinguishing NOVEC™ 1230 is not critical for the IT components.


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