Interior Fittings

  • Mounting Plates
    Mounting Plates

    Mounting plates as additional items for housings and enclosures that do not include a mounting plate. Partial mounting plates for Rittal enclosures create further horizontal or vertical mounting surfaces.


  • Rail Systems
    Rail Systems

    Any given point within the frame may be accessed with rail systems. Additional mounting levels, different functions such as support rails or C-rails - individual configuration knows no limits.


  • Fastening Components
    Fastening Components

    Cage nuts, screws and different mounting components for user-friendly, efficient interior installation of the enclosure.


  • Component Shelves
    Component Shelves

    Rack facilities and storage spaces are possible on the enclosure frame or the 19” rack. Telescopic slides and handles complete the range of component shelves that can be installed in IT racks, server enclosures, wall-mounted distributors and industrial enclosures, in some cases without tools.


  • EMC

    The level of protection of a standard enclosure against electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields can be further increased with the system accessories. Measures include improving the shielding effect with optimum potential equalization or placing the contacts for cable shields as close to the cable entry point as possible.


  • Interior Fittings for Areas at Risk of Earthquake
    Interior Fittings for Areas at Risk of Earthquake

    For Earthquake Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4 to Bellcore. These versions have been tested and meet the requirements of Telcordia GR 63-CORE.


  • Grounding

    Individual earth straps, complete systems for frame earthing tailored directly to enclosure systems, or earth rails.


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