Liquid Cooling Packages LCP Rack CW

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  • Liquid Cooling Packages LCP Rack CW
  • Liquid Cooling Packages LCP Rack CW
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    For the highest density installations, these LCP Rack units totally control the air path for efficient cooling. The LCP Rack CW is a closed loop system and units are scalable from as low as 10kW to as high as 60kW with all the most requested stops in between. These new, more powerful units in the line maintain the 12-inch wide footprint – making it possible, in some situations, to double the cooling capacity without taking up additional floor space.The unit’s high-efficiency fans have been moved to the front of the LCP – on the cool side away from maximum heat – which will extend the life of the fans. Water connections are available at either the top or bottom of the unit.

    + Product description

    Benefits: Maximum energy efficiency due to EC fan technology and IT-based control
    Minimal pressure loss at the air end, which in turn minimizes the power consumption of the fans
    The separation of cooling and enclosure prevents water from entering the server enclosure
    Fan modules configurable as n+1 redundancy.
    Targeted cooling output thanks to modular fan units
    By using high water inlet temperatures, the proportion of indirect free cooling is increased, which in turn reduces operating costs
    Optimum adaptability due to dynamic, continuous control of the cold water volume flow
    Minimal pressure loss at the air end, which in turn minimizes the power consumption of the fans
    Touchscreen display may be retrofitted.
    Function principle: The LCP draws in the air at the sides at the rear of the server enclosures, cools it using high-performance compact impellers, and blows the cooled air back into the front part of the server enclosure at the sides
    IT Monitoring: Monitoring of all system-relevant parameters such as server air intake temperature, server waste air temperature, water inlet/return temperature, water flow, cooling output, fan speed, leakage.
    Direct connection of the unit via SNMP over Ethernet
    Integration into RiZone
    Color: Exterior: RAL 9005
    Enclosure frame and interior: RAL 7035
    Protection category IP to IEC 60 529: IP 20
    Options: Various sensors
    Variant: Rack cooling
    Total cooling output to DIN EN 14511: 40 kW (136485 BTU)
    45 kW (153546 BTU)
    60 kW (204728 BTU)
    L 30 L 22: 60 kW
    L 22 L 45: 60 kW (204728 BTU)
    Total cooling output/number of fan modules: 40 kW / 4 
    45 kW / 5 
    60 kW / 6 
    Total cooling output: 60 kW
    Rated operating voltage: 208 V, 2~, 60 Hz
    230 V, 1~, 50 Hz/60 Hz
    Note: 208 V
    Dimensions: Height: 2000 mm (79 ")
    Width: 300 mm (12 ")
    Depth: 1200 mm (47 ")
    Temperature control: Infinitely variable fan control
    2-way control ball valve
    Installation in bayed enclosure suite: Flush
    Temperature range: Water inlet: +15 °C
    Refrigerant/cooling medium: Cooling medium: Water
    Type of connection (electrical): Connector
    EC fan: yes
    Fans may be exchanged with the system operational: yes
    Water connections: DN 40 (G 1½" external thread)
    Number of fans: 4
    Packaging unit: 1 pc(s).
    Weight/packaging unit: 210 kg (463 lb.)
    EAN: 87739

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     Liquid Cooling Packages LCP Rack CW

    Model No. SK 3311.268

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