Kompaktni rasklopni ormari

  • Compact enclosure AX
    Compact enclosure AX

    System perfection. The new compact enclosure AX provides maximum data quality and seamless engineering, plus safe, flexible assembly and interior installation.


  • Plastic enclosures AX
    Plastic enclosures AX

    AX plastic housings, optionally with or without viewing window, are ideally suited for outdoor applications. Numerous mounting domes in the housing offer individual interior installation in 25 mm grid with e.g. chassis and rails.


  • Zidno kućište EL
    Zidno kućište EL

    2- ili 3-dijelno zidno kućište s prozorčićem. Stupanj zaštite IP 54 odnosno IP 55.


  • VX SE free-standing enclosure system
    VX SE free-standing enclosure system

    Free-standing sheet steel enclosure with stable enclosure body, two integral mounting levels, screw-fastened rear panel and door. Roof and sides from a single piece with roll-formed frame. Fully compatible with the VX25 baying system. Enclosure widths from 600 to 1800 mm and enclosures with 300 mm depth for applications in facility management. Efficiency is enhanced, as the side panels no longer need to be fitted and large enclosure widths replace small bayed suites.


  • Kompaktni rasklopni ormari AE
    Kompaktni rasklopni ormari AE

    Kućište s vratima od čeličnog lima, lakirano s montažnom pločom i prirubničkom pločom na dnu. Stupanj zaštite IP 66.


  • Kompaktni sistemski ormarići CM
    Kompaktni sistemski ormarići CM

    Kućište s vratima od čeličnog lima, lakirano, otvorenog dna za prihvat podnih limova. Stupanj zaštite IP 55.


  • SE 8 free-standing enclosure system
    SE 8 free-standing enclosure system

    Potpuna integracija u obitelj proizvoda TS 8. Stabilan korpus ormara s dvjema integriranim montažnim policama, vijčano spojenom stražnjom stijenkom i vratima od čeličnog lima. Unutarnja podjela posve kompatibilna s TS 8.


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