IT mrežni i serverski ormari

  • VX IT
    VX IT

    The solution for all network and server applications. Whether you need a network rack to house a distribution board, or server racks for an edge, colocation or hyperscale data centre, the new VX IT is the ideal platform for accommodating a modern IT infrastructure and its many different requirements. The new VX IT is based on a modular concept with a customer-friendly configurator to guide you quickly and easily to a solution that is tailored to your individual requirements.


  • TS IT
    TS IT

    Nova IT-platforma na osnovi TS 8 za sve primjene. Inteligentan sustava ormara i pribora smanjene složenosti i s tehnikom Plug & Play za jednostavniju montažu. Nosivost 1500 kg.


  • Cable management enclosure for TS IT
    Cable management enclosure for TS IT

    For laying, securing and storing cables or as an empty enclosure with uneven LCP installations.


  • TX CableNet
    TX CableNet

    No more cable spaghetti! This new IT rack from Rittal combines years of experience and expertise in the network infrastructure sector into one extraordinary solution – taking cable management to the next level. The clearly structured IT rack portfolio, with variants tailored to specific practical applications, provides a rapid overview and makes product selection easier. The 8 standard variants, each with site-variable cable routing, allow targeted cable management of large numbers of cables, and bring structure and order into IT cabling. The new “waterfall” principle for optimised cable routing via the roof allows for the critical bending radius while also minimising the risk of damage to the cables. An efficient frame concept delivers proven stability and flexibility, while also maintaining compatibility with the range of TS & VX components for maximum configuration options.


  • TE 8000
    TE 8000

    The TE 8000 provides a flexible platform for a wide range of requirements. The frameless design of the enclosure, which may be dismantled, allows optimum access to the 482.6 mm (19") level during installation, for all work on your installed equipment, and for any future reconfigurations.


  • Razdjelni rack-ormari
    Razdjelni rack-ormari

    Razdjelni rack-ormari za optimalan pristup sa svih strana pri montaži i instalacije te neograničen protoka zraka zbog otvorene konstrukcije.


  • Colocation racks TS
    Colocation racks TS

    Kolokacijski rack-ormar TS 8, s 2 odnosno 4 odvojena funkcijska područja.


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