CAD data

CAD data for your system planning

We can help boost the efficiency of your plant design with original CAD data for Rittal components, whichever CAD system you are using.

There are three different options for retrieving Rittal CAD data:

  1. Online: Request data on individual product pages from the Rittal website
  2. Online: Download data directly via the „PARTcommunity“ Web platform
    Go to PARTcommunity Web platform
  3. Online via the app
    Go to the iOS app
    Go to the Android app

Benefits for users

  • All CAD data can be transferred into all common CAD systems thanks to the smart, native, 2D/3D multiCAD-compatible format.
  • The accurately detailed and validated drawings allow users to generate design drawings with maximum planning confidence, in a fraction of the time taken for conventional design, by simply remodelling.
  • Because the level of detail in CAD models is freely selectable, thy may be represented in a greatly simplified format, thus boosting users’ performance significantly.