The Rittal Flex-Block base/plinth system

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Simple, fast assembly

  • by simply clipping the side trim panel into place
  • May be secured to the floor at any time
  • Baying: Simply insert the baying element into two corner pieces

  • Clip punched rails into position without the need for tools
  • Simple installation of the rails from the enclosure in the base/plinth area

The Rittal Flex-Block base/plinth system


Corner pieces:
Fibreglass-reinforced plastic

Cover caps:

Trim panels:
Sheet steel

RAL 9005

Scope of supply

Sealed base/plinth supply includes

  • 4 corner pieces
  • 4 trim panels
  • 4 cover caps
  • Assembly parts for mounting on the enclosure


Vented base/plinth supply includes

  • 4 corner pieces
  • 2 trim panels, vented (width)
  • 2 trim panels, sealed (depth)
  • 4 cover caps
  • Assembly parts for mounting on the enclosure

Benefits of the new Flex-Block base/plinth system

Save time

  • Fast assembly by simply clipping together the base/plinth components
  • Easily bayed with tool-free baying clip
  • The enclosure can be easily transported both in its empty and configured state, by removing the base/plinth trim

Easy to assemble

  • Tool-free assembly of all base/plinth components
  • Tool-free mounting of accessories, e.g. baying, mounting of levelling feet and castors
  • Symmetrical in enclosure widths and depths

Large mounting area

  • Space-saving cable routing in the base/plinth means more space for interior installation of the enclosure
  • Configuration with punched rail – clip into position from outside or inside
  • Flexible configuration: Punched rail with 25 mm pitch pattern of holes

Flex-BlockSheet steel base/plinth
Model No.Designfront and rearside
8001.450400x500 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.4008601.050
8001.460400x600 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.6008601.040
8001.650600x500 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.6008601.050
8001.660600x600 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.6008601.060
8001.680600x800 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.8008601.060
8001.840800x400 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.8008601.040
8001.850800x500 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.8008601.050
8001.880800x800 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.8008601.080
8001.800800x1000 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.8008601.015
8001.0301000x300 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.0008601.030
8001.0401000x400 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.0008601.040
8001.0501000x500 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.0008601.050
8001.0601000x600 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.0008601.060
8001.2301200x300 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.2008601.030
Flex-BlockSheet steel base/plinth
Model No.Designfront and rearside
8001.2401200x400 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.2008601.040
8001.2501200x500 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.2008601.050
8001.2601200x600 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.2008601.060
8001.2801200x800 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.2008601.080
8001.9401600x400 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.9208601.040
8001.9501800x500 mm, RAL 9005, sealed8601.9808601.050
(available from October)
600x600 mm, RAL 9005, vented7825.6018601.060
(available from October)
600x800 mm, RAL 9005, vented7825.6018601.080
(available from October)
600x1000 mm, RAL 9005, vented7825.6018601.015
(available from October)
600x1200 mm, RAL 9005, vented7825.6018601.025
(available from October)
800x600 mm, RAL 9005, vented7825.8018601.060
(available from October)
800x800 mm, RAL 9005, vented7825.8018601.080
(available from October)
800x1000 mm, RAL 9005, vented7825.8018601.015
(available from October)
800x1200 mm, RAL 9005, vented7825.8018601.025