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Data in blue

One of Germany’s most state-of-the-art data centres has been built in Hanover. The TÜV Nord Group, which has specialised in safety expertise for 140 years, wanted to put itself on a more secure and efficient footing. The company has consolidated all its IT tasks in one place, on an area with a footprint of 150 square metres. Solutions from Rittal are being used both in the server rooms and for power distribution.

“We have had great experience with Ri4 Power over the years.”

Andreas Pahl, Managing Director of Kesselhut GmbH

Kesselhut was responsible for setting up the low-voltage main distribution board (LVDB) and turned to Rittal products for the hardware. The Ri4Power system has already been design-tested for standard switchgear from most manufacturers.

Maximum dependability

Just like the medium-voltage power supply, the LVDB also features redundancy in its design. The entire data centre is connected to the power grid via two completely separate cable sections, which ensures maximum dependability. The LVDB was designed so that work can be carried out on individual outputs without having to switch off power to the entire system.

All solutions run hand in hand

The Rittal system also takes care of power distribution in the racks and consolidates energy management data. The Power System Module registers and documents server power consumption, while the CMC III monitoring system collates data, makes it accessible and thus helps to boost reliability and energy efficiency.

Visually – and technologically – superb

Individuality is the order of the day when it comes to appearances. All 120 of the server enclosures came from Rittal, even though that may not be obvious at first sight, as all the TS IT racks were painted in stylish TÜV blue. A look at the books is also heartening – the large-scale project was delivered right on budget.