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How Beckhoff uses the advantages of standardisation

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Refreshment for energy managers!

90 % energy savings at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners with Blue e+ cooling units.

Safe and secure in every environment

You are looking for a fast, secure and sustainable outdoor enclosure solution?

Standardisation for the energy industry

Get ready for the All Electric Society

Benefit from a unique, unparalleled system platform for industry and IT.


Customer reference


Computing power for Elbe Kliniken hospital group

How can the digitalisation strategy in the healthcare sector be implemented without the costs for the necessary data centres skyrocketing? The answer: through standardisation. With a modular room-in-room standard solution from Rittal, Elbe Kliniken...

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Enclosures – fighting fit for the energy transition

Bring on the storms and heavy seas!

Offshore wind turbines are exposed to extreme conditions on the high seas and must reliably brave the elements for 25 years and more. This is no easy feat for the technology inside – or for system suppliers such as Rittal. The company supplies...

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The future is green

Shaping and improving our world

All around the world, teams from the Friedhelm Loh Group are working on making our products and sites increasingly sustainable. We are also helping our customers to do the same. We reveal what our Group has already achieved and what we are planning...

Press release

New cooling solution uses water for single phase direct liquid cooling

Rittal develops megawatt cooling for AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises revolutionary benefits. Is the IT infrastructure ready? Data centre operators are breaking new technological ground with their technology partners. Rittal now presents a new cooling solution that delivers...

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Power & Engineering

Faster with standards

Moving towards an all-electric society means having to completely overhaul and massively expand our infrastructure. This is a Herculean task. One approach that can help us rapidly expand grids and energy systems is to standardise and automate value...

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AI meets IT

Taking the plunge. Is it a good idea?

ChatGPT was just the beginning. Generative artificial intelligence – GenAI – is taking over the world at breakneck speed. 2024 will be a year of roll-outs in industry. But what does that mean for data centres? Can conventional air cooling cope with the...

Customer reference

Wago/ H. Westermann

Hand-in-hand with smart power distribution

The energy transition is demanding great efforts on all sides. The distribution grids are not yet capable of optimally controlling the energy flows. The first step is to convert the secondary substations. However, a large number of players are involved...

Industry solution

From the assembly line to the networked future:

Process optimisation in the automotive industry

The German automotive industry is one of the world's most robust, dynamic, and competitive industries. It is famous for high-quality vehicles of all types and state-of-the-art...

Product highlight

Protection for trouble-free operation under the harshest conditions

Robust outdoor enclosure meets smart climate control

The intelligent modular system comprising enclosure and climate control components offers you a multitude of choices for configuration of an individual outdoor solution.

Software Highlight

RiTherm. Gives you goose bumps.

The ultimate planning tool for enclosure climate control

RiTherm is the free software tool for needs-based, reliable and energy-efficient enclosure climate control planning that comes with standards-compliant documentation and proof of the associated carbon footprint.

Energy & Power solutions

Get ready for the all electric society

The challenge of energy transition

Climate protection and energy transition pose enormous challenges for companies. Whether in the energy sector itself or other industrial sectors, net zero calls for environmentally friendly technologies and solutions that not only meet...


Protection for trouble-free operation under the harshest conditions

Robust outdoor enclosure meets smart climate control

The intelligent modular system comprising enclosure and climate control components offers you a multitude of choices for configuration of an individual outdoor solution.

Sustainability that works

Minimising CO₂ emissions – the Blue e+ way

Discover the world's most efficient climate control solutions and smart service concepts to help reduce the carbon footprint of your machines and systems

Reducing the carbon footprint

Blue e+ S cooling units

The Rittal Blue e+ technology offers climate control solutions with the world’s highest energy efficiency. We have extended our product range to include the new “Blue e+ S” cooling units in the small output categories (300 – 1000 W) – with a new design...

Efficient process and equipment cooling

VX25 TopTherm chiller

VX25 TopThem chillers are compact in design yet have a wide range of cooling applications. They fit perfectly with all enclosures, have a minimum footprint, promise increased efficiency and are instantly available from stock.

Rittal ePOCKET

The digital wiring plan pocket

With the digital wiring plan pocket Rittal ePOCKET your equipment and system documentation is always up-to-date. What’s more, it can be accessed directly from any device, any time and anywhere.

Innovative cooling in your rack system

Our rack-based cooling sets sustainability standards. Space-saving and efficient.

Efficient liquid cooling

Rittal series chiller

More chilling isn't possible.

TX CableNet

Raising cable management to a new level.

Automated machining processes

From small enclosures to large control cabinets.

Charging infrastructure

Charging infrastructure you can rely on.

Bring on the future

The next generation of future-proofed IT infrastructures.

Lang GmbH

Energy consumption per machine has now been halved

CNC milling and engraving machines from Lang GmbH are in use all over the world. Similarly, energy efficiency and sustainability are also in demand worldwide. Thanks to Rittal’s Blue e+ chillers, mechanical engineering company Lang has taken an...

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Our references

Lefdal Mine

High-performance computing power at the fjord

Digitalisation is giving a real boost to high performance computing (HPC) – a sector that needs to be environmentally friendly, too. A great deal of computing power, in other words, a lot of energy for servers and cooling, and all that in harmony with...

BMW Group

Rittal IT infrastructure for automated driving

Adaptive cruise control and lane assist functions were conceived in the minds of car developers 20 years ago. Meanwhile, such features have long become standard in every new vehicle. However, countless more test drives will be needed, and vast volumes...

Kuka Industries

Saving on space - easy on the pocket

In data centres, every square metre of space and every kilowatt hour of electricity counts. What’s needed are all-in-one solutions that free up space while also significantly cutting power consumption. For example, a new Rittal cooling solution for IT...


Sofia – electric buses rapidly charged thanks to the VX25

Thirty electric buses are in service in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. The charging infrastructure consists of Rittal VX25 enclosures, specially assembled into a three-unit combination for Gemamex, the manufacturer of the fast-charging stations.

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