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Nothing brings you closer to your goal than a perfect start.

The same is true of network planning. “We need a powerful data centre for digital video and content distribution. Standard components like the Rittal TS IT rack allow us to expand quickly and flexibly, and keep pace with the evergrowing volumes of data associated with digital film distribution.”
Herbert Götsch, Director Wholesale & Datacenter, MTI Teleport

Security of your own infrastructure

If you talk to today's IT decision-makers about the security of their own infrastructure, they like to use buzzwords such as "defence strategies against destructive malware" and "failsafe RAID arrays".  They question the data security of WLAN hotspots, and debate biometric authentication techniques.  Only a few of them will consider rudimentary topics such as a stable power supply. They also take it for granted that the server climate control will withstand weeks of high summer temperatures.

When asked about fire protection or the dust-tightness and waterproofness of their IT racks, they may just shrug their shoulders.  Yet the underlying basis of a functioning IT infrastructure is crucially important. Only a fully functioning complete system, comprised of network and server enclosures, climate control, power distribution and backup, and last but not least, transparent monitoring, will keep the built-in IT equipment operational.

MTI Teleport in Unterföhring have put their trust in IT  infrastructure solutions from Rittal for many years, and  with good reason: Their satellite receiver and transmitter  systems and signal routing for various television  channels must remain operational 24/7.  Outages are unthinkable when transmitting Formula 1 races or football matches via the 2,500 km long optical fibre network. The TS IT rack from Rittal convinced them as a complete system solution offering maximum extendibility with a high level of security for the installed equipment, which is both flexible and a reliable investment.