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Optimised data centre with RiZone

The Nestlé Group is the biggest player in the global food & beverage sector. In Italy, Nestlé Italiana runs a range of companies with a total of around 5,500 employees and 16 branches across the country.

In 2014, when Nestlé Italiana relocated its premises from Milan to Assago, the company had the perfect opportunity to build a new data centre. While assessing what the market leaders had to offer, Nestlé Italiana came to the conclusion that RiMatrix from Rittal was the right solution.

“The added value that Rittal brought, in addition to its comprehensive solutions portfolio, was a high standard of professionalism, which was evident throughout the entire project, from the preliminary analysis to the final implementation of the data centre.”

Tiziano Villa, Network Manager at Nestlé Italiana

Standardised but flexible

TS IT racks from Rittal were used to build the system, as their versatility meant the company could use a homogeneous solution for both the servers and the accessory systems. The new data centre comprises 24 server racks and 9 TLC racks that are all equipped with cable infeeds and accessories to ensure optimum data cabling. Some 66 PDU metered units are responsible for distributing power in the server racks, while a PMC 40 modular UPS system ensures an uninterrupted power supply.

Energy-efficient cooling

The energy efficiency of the cooling systems was a major focal point. The use of 10 air/water heat exchangers from the Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) Inline series makes it possible to cool entire rack bays accurately by creating a cold aisle in front of the racks. This helps to reduce the volume of cooling air and boost the performance of the system. The climate control system is complemented by 2 free-cooling chillers with a total output of 150 kW. This system can utilise the outdoor temperature when it dips below 15°C, thereby harnessing a completely free resource to lower the temperature of the coolant.

Sophisticated security solution

The data centre is also equipped with the CMC III monitoring system. This is a comprehensive monitoring and access system that incorporates temperature monitoring and regulation elements, plus video surveillance and smoke detection systems. Special sensors, a VESDA early-warning smoke detection system and a fire extinguishing system using inert gas provide the best possible protection for the data centre.

The monitoring system is enhanced by RiZone DCIM software, which uses a simple workflow management algorithm to identify and deal with every possible error via remote access.