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Power and energy efficiency for a new data centre

A new build planned at the Klinikum Lüneburg hospital meant that the existing data centre needed to be moved. After a planning and tendering phase that lasted for around a year, the first step was to modernise the central infrastructure. The next step was to move the Rittal IT systems into the new data centre. Now the IT heart of the hospital is beating stronger than ever before. Climate-control technology, power supply, fire safety and system monitoring have all been brought bang up to date with state-of-the-art technology.

“It was particularly important to us to find one partner that could provide all the services needed to set up the data centre. We found that partner in Rittal, which produced the technologies we wanted and put forward a cost-effective operating concept.”

Sandra Kuetz, head of the IT division at Klinikum Lüneburg.

Thanks to support from Rittal, the data centre has built-in flexibility that ensures the infrastructure is prepared for future challenges in the healthcare sector.

Special features of the project

The new data centre was built in the basement of an existing neighbouring building where there was virtually no pre-existing infrastructure that would have been suitable for IT systems. Work was further complicated by water pipes running through the ceiling, which meant that the IT systems would also need to be protected from potential leaks. Moreover, the floor above is home to the MRT and CT departments, where equipment generates emissions that can disrupt sensitive server and storage systems. This meant that the IT equipment would also have to be shielded.

In the end, a 33 m2 security room and a 9 m2 technology room for climate control and power supply systems were built for the data centre in the space of just six days. The server room can be configured with up to twelve existing IT racks and is designed for a maximum IT output of 40 kW.

Room-in-room system and state-of-the-art fire protection

The security room supplied by Rittal is designed as a room-within-a-room system. The solution supports a range of important safety standards and provides the sensitive IT components with effective protection from fire, water and electromagnetic radiation. The TS IT racks, also supplied by Rittal, are versatile and can accommodate IT and network components, too.

The fire safety concept was brand new. Previously, oxygen levels in the data centre has been reduced to 13 percent to reduce the risk of fire. The new concept keeps the atmosphere in the data centre completely normal and instead uses a Rittal DET-AC XL fire alarm and extinguishing system – installed in a separate rack – with fire suppression agent Novec 1230 and an active smoke gas extraction system.

Climate-control technology that is fit for future growth

The IT components are kept cool by the hot/cold aisle containment of the IT racks with row cooling. The room is also cooled by the building’s existing air-conditioning system, which provides sufficiently cooled air that – together with the heat exchangers – provides an energy-efficient climate control system for the data centre.

The data centre infrastructure is monitored via the Computer Multi Control (CMC) III monitoring system and RiZone DCIM software from Rittal.