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Protect your values!

As irreplaceable as an eye!

We blink 16,000 times a day, thus protecting our eyes. Each time our eyelids close, they spread tear fluid on the eye, ensuring it remains moist and clean. Further protective mechanisms include the eye socket as a fixed “enclosure” and the conjunctiva with its antibacterial components. We also automatically shut our eyes if an object comes too close. As our eyes are virtually irreplaceable, we give them very special protection.

Information technologies (IT) are part of everyday life for modern companies. A failure of this infrastructure brings many areas to a partial or complete standstill. Yet according to market research company Coleman Parkes, German businesses suffer annual sales losses of four billion euros as a result of IT outages. Protecting IT is thus a basic prerequisite for corporate success. It can only be achieved through a variety of measures that complement each other.

Public attention is focused in particular on external hacker attacks. IT managers have to respond to this by examining all IP-based components for weak spots on a regular basis to identify attack points such as open ports and weak passwords. German small and medium-sized enterprises are seen as being particularly innovative and are thus at the centre of numerous hacker attacks.

Effective monitoring of the infrastructure – covering the entire power infeed system, server, the cooling system, and the distribution and dissipation of heat – offers protection against outages of the physical components. An early fire detection system, active extinguishing system and integration into existing alarm systems in the data centre all help protect against fires that may result from faulty electrical components. Depending on the site, IT systems also need to be safeguarded against specific environmental conditions such as dust, humidity and water.

To protect IT infrastructure, Rittal offers solutions ranging from individual IT racks and climate control to complete IT safes and modular systems for turnkey data centres. These solutions are enhanced by security concepts that meet the strict requirements of the German IT Security Act. The micro data centre is a turnkey solution that protects key data and critical IT components against hazards such as fire, water, dust, fumes and external access.

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A data centre that meets Industry 4.0 requirements in a flash

The IT experts at B. Braun, a leading manufacturer of medical technology and pharmaceutical products, were faced with a challenge – their new, state-of-the-art production facility site demanded the rapid expansion of the infrastructure. This had to be done without any major construction work or upgrading rooms. In addition, the company needed that project to be implemented quickly and safely. It had to be decided in advance where the systems for the new production line should be installed: In the end, management decided to expand the information technology facilities at the Glandorf site.

"With Rittal’s Micro Data Center we have found a solution with which we can operate a secure and redundant data centre without any complicated construction projects."

Werner Mielenbrink, Head of Media Supply at B. Braun.

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