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thyssenkrupp Steel is expanding its IT infrastructure with Rittal Edge Data Centers

Just a few years ago, following extensive testing in their research laboratories, steel manufacturers developed new products. Today, this can be done more quickly and efficiently since powerful computer systems take over a large part of the calculations. But it is only with modern IT systems that it is possible to efficiently evaluate the data volume generated and thus shorten the time-to-market as well as increase competitiveness. With the help of Rittal Edge Data Centers, thyssenkrupp Steel is quickly and flexibly building the IT resources required directly at the production sites to advance the digitization of a wide range of steel production processes. For this purpose, Rittal IT containers were installed on the company premises, operating as edge data centres including a cloud connection.

“The Rittal Data Centre Containers are an essential part of our integrated security concept and meet our requirements for the highest security standards. We are setting up the edge data centres developed in the context of this partnership directly at our production sites, so that we can implement new IoT capacities quickly and economically.”

Dr Michael Kranz, CIO at Thyssenkrupp Steel

Installation close to the site of production

At thyssenkrupp Steel, digitization forms an essential part of the corporate strategy. The data generated by digital processes form the basis for decision-making, analysis and forecasting. Consequently, the amount of data to be processed is increasing all the time, forcing companies to adjust their IT infrastructure accordingly. Then with digitization, the demand for rapidly available data generated near the point of origin is growing and this calls for extra computing power, short latency times for provision of the data, as well as uninterrupted data availability and system-wide security. The edge systems are built in sturdy steel containers, fitted with security doors and allow a detailed monitoring of the many relevant parameters, including access control, fire protection and reliability. The Data Center Containers use pre-configured components for cooling or power supply that allow the infrastructure to be set up quickly, without any risks.

Cooperation based on partnership

At the start of the project, Rittal – together with thyssenkrupp Steel – initially analysed the goals to be achieved by the edge data centres. Then they determined the necessary specifications. The modular design of Rittal Edge data centers gives thyssenkrupp Steel the flexibility it needs to quickly adapt its IT environment to future requirements. Secure, highly available and standardized IT infrastructures in the production environment are the appropriate basis for increasingly comprehensive automation of production IT and state-of-the-art data centre technology.