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Smart Finance

Smart Finance Automated Transactions

Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. Cashless transactions are king. And edge computing is highly applicable in the automation of transaction and billing processes in the financial world where low latency is required. Consumers participate in fully automated, intelligent processes to acquire goods and services. For example: Filling up the tank at a gas station is completely automated, including payment. Conditions and results are completely programmed, and as long as the sensors are present for sending and receiving data, the desired result occurs. The data involved in these transactions doesn’t need to go to a cloud – edge data centers located nearby guarantee low latency and real-time data analysis. The physical proximity of an edge data center also increases real-time data availability.

Lower Energy Costs and Optimized Climate Control


  • IT partner for banks and financial service providers
  • Failsafe IT infrastructure in two new geo-redundant Tier 3 data centers
  • Climate control concept to optimize running IT operaton costs

Rittal Solution

DC 1: Rittal TS IT Racks, LCP Inline, UPS System, hot aisle

DC 2: Rittal TS IT Racks, UPS System and cold aisle

Installation in Record Time


  • New data center with high availability and room for growth for an investment firm
  • Demand for high energy-efficiency
  • Limited time for installation

Rittal Solution

► Two RiMatrix S Double 6 as "Room-in-Room" installation

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