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Smart Government

Better Quality of Life

Intelligently networked IT and communication technologies can help public institutions carry out their tasks more efficiently and effectively. One example is using condition monitoring for intelligent outdoor lighting systems so that power surges and other anomalies can be quickly reported and optimized. Air-quality monitoring and CCTV surveillance are other important benefits of technology applications in governance. Edge data centers speedup data processing and can process image data in real time, providing information faster so reaction times are shorter. This is critical in providing seamless security from government services like police and fire departments. Town halls and other state-run offices also benefit, streamlining processes like zoning and construction regulations, elections, and interactions with governing councils.

Remote-controlled bridges with Rittal


  • Electronic control and surveillance of all bridges and water gates in a community of 3.6 million residents
  • Long lifecycle and multiple usage of the cooling system in the control center

Rittal Solution

► Rittal TS IT Racks

LCP (Liquid Cooling Package) for minimum power outage and maintenance costs

► High annual energy savings

Secure solution for server racks


  • Highest level of data security and availability in a city with 16,000 residents

Rittal Solution

Micro Data Center Level E with certified security [DIN 4102 (F90), DIN V ENV 1627]


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