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Smart Healthcare

Digital Precision

Modern healthcare systems are an intelligent network between pharmacies, hospitals, insurers, and healthcare providers. Patient data generated in practices, clinics, and hospitals requires high availability and secure shareability. Diagnostic imaging alone generates massive data that has to be managed precisely – processed, evaluated, stored – and very quickly. In operating rooms and during patient monitoring, healthcare providers must be able to rely completely on the functionality and accuracy of devices, sensors, and applications.

Digital healthcare and IT security

Today, digitisation is largely established in medicine. E-Health (Electronic health) for example combines applications that enable the use of modern information and communication technologies (ICT) in the treatment and care of patients. Intelligently networked applications within hospitals also help to use patient data efficiently. Particular attention is paid to IT security, because without a functioning IT landscape, a large number of processes in a hospital are not possible.


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Systems Medicine

Today, big data plays an important role in systems medicine. This research discipline is focused on recognizing, understanding, and unraveling the complex interdependencies between genetic aspects, environmental influences, and lifestyle when considering sources of diseases.


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Rittal solution: Micro Datacenter protects patient data

An edge data center can offer highly accurate confidential information with very low latency and very high security. Digitalized healthcare can speed up and increase accuracy in diagnoses, and help craft specific treatment plans, helping patients in body and soul. Personal patient data in particular are highly sensitive. These must be protected against theft, misuse or physical threats. The Micro Data Center provides the perfect housing for edge data centers.



Edge Data Center

12.12.2017 - The perfect solution for decentralised provision and processing of huge data volumes.

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