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Smart Retail

Smart Retail Shopping, Evolved

Digitally-supported shopping is booming: It’s quick, it’s easy, and it enhances the customer experience while driving efficiency. Electronic newsletters, sales promotions, customer preferences and profiles all help consumers stay oriented and feel like they are in safe hands. In stores and markets, retail data is enhanced by using data centers at the edge of the network. When retailers are geographically spread across a market, an Intelligent Assistant application benefits from the three-layer model of an edge data center. Edge computing enhances on-site retailing by optimizing product availability, streamlining logistics, and deciphering customer preferences. Constant availability of this data through edge computing enables the steering of customer behavior. But because these systems interact with all the branches of the retailer, the solutions also need to be highly standardized.

Omnichannel shopping

The entire shopping process is customized to individual consumers everywhere, and all the time. Customers decide what they want to buy, and when and where – whether stationary, mobile, online, or a combination of all three. The key to success is the optimum personalized combination of all contact points. Edge data centers make this possible.


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Intelligent Logistics

Online shopping has spoiled consumers: instead of waiting weeks for purchases to arrive, today an order can be delivered the next day. For retailers, the pressure is on, and delivery is getting even faster – with even same day delivery. Modern warehousing and logistics mean adapting to these changes with technology solutions.


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Customer reference: Rittal Core Data Center in the retail industry


  • Creation of a redundant, fail-safe IT infrastructure to safeguard the goods logistics of all locations
  • A scalable solution is the basis for flexible extensibility

Rittal solution

  • Common requirement profile through cooperation between customer and Rittal
  • Rittal Data Center Container (RDCC): Container-Portfolio
  • Server containers and cooling containers


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