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Smart Telco

Uninterrupted Streaming

Everyone is streaming everything. There’s more and more content out there, and no one wants to wait for it. The demand for high-quality and high-speed data, anywhere, is a challenge telecommunication providers have to meet. 5G will be here in 2020 – the development of networks with speeds in multi-gigabits per second is the new driver for the telco market. A decisive factor for the increase in capacity and data rates is a dramatic increase in the number of receiving and transmitting antennas. This is the only way the needs of the consumers and the demands on the telecommunication providers can be satisfied.


The advent of 5G will be a true revolution because it will raise the performance capability of mobile communications to a completely new level. In combination with IoT and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), an essential focus is on the communication between intelligent terminal devices: Machines communicate with machines. But future-oriented technologies such as autonomous driving are also only possible with a high-performance 5G network.


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Alongside traditional data center development, there is another trend which has recently become established: The OCP (Open Compute Project) rack. The primary objective is to reduce the investment and operating costs, energy consumption and environmental impacts of data centers using innovative, fully standardised IT architectures. Telecommunications companies show increasing interest in this technology.


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Rittal solutions

Data centers play a key role in the telecommunications market because they span the global internet together with high-performance data networks.

Two essential aspects have to be considered:

  • central data centers - cloud data centers and hyperscale data centers of the major providers
  • edge data centers - they are the decentralized nodes on the edge of the cloud that make communication with end users and intelligent end devices possible


Edge Data Center

12.12.2017 - The perfect solution for decentralised provision and processing of huge data volumes.

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