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iNNOVO Cloud EBaaS – Rittal Ethereum Blockchain as a Service

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When blockchain is mentioned today, what is likely meant is an Ethereum blockchain. Currently, it is one of the most frequently-used smart contract platforms. Rittal Ethereum Blockchain as a Service is a complete solution that is delivered as a turn-key-ready Managed Service in a container. It is the result of a close cooperation between iNNOVO Cloud as an infrastructure provider, Chainlabs as the blockchain operator on the application level, and the Frankfurt School of Finance as scientific advisor. With iNNOVO Cloud EBaaS, new business models, especially for financial services, but also for IoT, Industry 4.0, healthcare, retail or government, can be securely and precisely realized. Existing IT platforms can be used for adding customer-specific blockchain applications. Proprietary smart contract processes can be executed more quickly and carried out more closely to the real location.

  • Decentralized and revision-secure edge data center infrastructure
  • Automated transactions and billing processes – direct and without delay
  • High security standards for confidential data
  • Reliable service from one provider
  • High transparency and traceability

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