Data Center Container

IT containers based on the modular principle. Modular data centers in containers are the perfect, scalable solution – whether individually for SME, cloud and Edge applications, or as preconfigured data center containers.

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Growing data volumes and escalating requirements often lead to space problems in existing IT environments. Container solutions suitable for outdoor siting are one possible solution for this kind of Big data applications.

These container solutions are delivered pre-assembled, and can be up and running in next to no time. The spectrum ranges from pure IT containers, through to complete all-in-one systems containing the entire physical IT infrastructure, from the rack, to climate control, power supply with a powerful UPS system, through to complete monitoring and, at the customer’s request, an effective fire extinguisher system.

  • RiMatrix IT Container: 
    Ready-to-connect IT infrastructure in a robust container shell offers standardised IT modules in a range of output categories for SME, cloud and Edge applications.
  • RiMatrix Power Container:
    Modular UPS systems with redundancies to supply one or more IT modules.
  • RiMatrix Cooling Container:
    Efficient recooling systems in a container frame, ready-to-connect and system-tested with redundant chillers with integral free cooler or additional external free cooler, plus network functions.

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