Highly Scalable and Energy Efficient

RiMatrix Edge Data Center in HVR with iNNOVO Cloud Managed Services

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In cooperation with iNNOVO, Rittal offers an edge solution that is scalable to the needs of the applications, and that provides data almost in real time: the RiMatrix Edge Data Center in High Availability Room (HVR).

The innovative, energy-efficient edge date center is located in a secure room with a protective shell. It can be installed in an existing building without making any structural changes. The edge data center includes rack, cooling, power supply, monitoring, and HVR:

  • Data security in the cloud and in networks for edge applications
  • Centralized control of sensitive devices and facilities 
  • Highly scalable IaaS platform via OpenStack, which communicates automatically with each application  
  • Agile platform services through standardized modules and microservices

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