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A failure in the IT can impact all parts of the company. Rittal offers the right protection concept to cover every security requirement.

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IT security begins with protection from physical threats, which could destroy the entire IT infrastructure and threaten a company’s very existence, especially in the Industry 4.0 era. With all processes so closely interconnected, not only could the administration be under threat; the entire production system is at risk of failure.

Perfect protection from physical threats to your IT infrastructure.

Security rooms from Rittal significantly enhance IT protection and guarantee maximum investment security, from basic protection through to high availability.
“Pay-as-you-grow” – our modular room-within-a-room systems are individually adaptable and extendible at any time. The flexible modular system allows it to be extended with the IT systems operational. The room-within-a-room systems ensure optimum protection for IT/infrastructure components such as extinguisher systems, uninterruptible power supplies and climate control.

Robust protection for your IT – the safe!

If your premises are unsuitable for creating a room-within-a-room system, we recommend an IT security safe as an alternative modular, location-independent security solution. It is easily assembled even in hard-to-access locations, and the modular design even allows retrospective encapsulation of IT cases. Configure your own IT protection in a minimal space with our Micro Data Center Configurator.

DCIM – Data Center Infrastructure Management for professional monitoring

As well as selecting the perfect physical protection, the configurator also assists with the selection of monitoring systems for physical parameters such as temperature, humidity or door status. Monitoring uses a network connection, and settings are conveniently made via the Web user interface.

The system can also be connected to superordinate management systems such as DCIM software. In such cases, central monitoring occurs via a server-based application which monitors and manages all parameters for the components used in your IT infrastructure.

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Optimised data centre with RiZone

The Nestlé Group is the biggest player in the global food & beverage sector. In Italy, Nestlé Italiana runs a range of companies with a total of around 5,500 employees and 16 branches across the country.

In 2014, when Nestlé Italiana relocated its premises from Milan to Assago, the company had the perfect opportunity to build a new data centre. While assessing what the market leaders had to offer, Nestlé Italiana came to the conclusion that RiMatrix from Rittal was the right solution.

“The added value that Rittal brought, in addition to its comprehensive solutions portfolio, was a high standard of professionalism, which was evident throughout the entire project, from the preliminary analysis to the final implementation of the data centre.”

Tiziano Villa, Network Manager at Nestlé Italiana

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