Modular Data Center

Standardised modules for your individual solution. The modular system allows you to plan the layout of your IT infrastructure. The physical structure for your data center module depends on the structural circumstances.

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Predefined RiMatrix S individual modules are the revolutionary alternative to individual data center construction. These standardised modules are supplied fully functional off-she-shelf with just one item number.

Predefined individual modules allow plug & play installation of entire data center infrastructures.

The modules contain network and server enclosures, cooling, power distribution and backup, as well as monitoring and DCIM software.  The modules are disengaged from the physical cover and defined infrastructure interfaces, making them extremely flexible for use:

  • in new or existing rooms with hot or cold aisle containment
  • in system-tested security rooms
  • in portable containers

Off-the-peg – but customised!

All components in the data center module are predefined and perfectly coordinated with one another. This enables the preparation of data sheets with external certification. Larger installations are achieved quickly and easily by using multiple individual modules. Power and cooling modules round out the product range, allowing customers to achieve plug&play installation of entire data center infrastructures.

Reliability is paramount!

Failures in the IT environment can cause untold damages. In the Industry 4.0 era, when all processes are interlinked externally, the risk of digital and physical threats is an ever-present concern. IT security rooms offer optimum protection. Even the basic protection room affords a high standard of protection, but this can be extended to high-availability protection at any time, thanks to our modular room-within-a-room system.

IT protection in a minimal space – extendible at any time!

For server and network technology in particular, a security safe offers complete protection from physical threats in even the smallest space. For example, a complete mini-data center can be housed in a safe, for optimum protection from unauthorised access, fire, water and dust.  This Micro Data Center also has plenty more to offer: With its modular layout and option of dismantling and reassembly at any time, your mini-data center grows with you as your requirements increase, for a future-proof investment.

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