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Network planning – the basis for an effective IT infrastructure

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Network and server racks represent the backbone and basis of any IT installation – from single rack applications to a fully configured data center. Even though the main focus during operation is on active components such as servers, switches, storage systems and UPS solutions, rack systems provide a stable environment for sensitive electronics components.

Finding the right IT rack

The 19-inch rack should always be geared to the existing or planned cooling. Whether room climate control, a double floor or rack/bayed climate control, we have the ideal rack for your application. The product portfolio extends from frameless designs for optimum accessibility all the way through to full racks with dust and water protection for harsh industrial environments.

Accessories with a brain – intelligent accessories that enable quick and easy selection

Besides the cooling used, air routing in your network rack is also extremely important in ensuring components do not overheat. Poor cable routing can disrupt the air circulation in the rack and the smooth operation of your installed equipment. Use the Network Cable Organizer for optimum cable routing in racks. It offers eight times faster assembly than conventional patch cabling and rounds off the modular system together with a large number of other intelligent accessories.

Flexible socket system and comprehensive monitoring

Each and every active component needs to be supplied with electricity. If the energy consumption is low, simple basic power distribution is sufficient. If you wish to monitor energy requirements and specifically control output sockets for each busbar so as to lower consumption levels, however, you should opt for intelligent power distribution. We offer you a wide choice when it comes to the optimum power supply for your components and the associated monitoring operations. In most cases, sensitive components require certain access and protection mechanisms. To ensure an immediate alarm in the event of deviations from the parameters set, experts recommend an autonomous monitoring system.

The CMC III monitoring system sets new standards with regard to configuration and reduced system complexity. It can communicate with various sensors and actuators via the integrated CAN bus and can be integrated into standard DCIM systems.

You, too, can set new standards in network technology. We will help you ensure the planning is right so that you can operate your cutting-edge IT infrastructure reliably.

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