Rittal and Edge

Process, share and save vast volumes of data in real time – wherever you need it.

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Industry 4.0, automated financial transactions, mobile streaming, and autonomous driving are all
producing data that requires super-fast processing, extreme safeguarding, and uninterrupted availability.

With Rittal edge solutions, large amounts of data can be securely and precisely saved, processed, and shared, wherever necessary and in real time. Every individual solution is scalable to demand, from single components to complete solutions with managed services. A high level of standardization makes it all more affordable. 

Thanks to Rittal’s project planning, flexible development, and reliable commissioning make it possible to implement edge solutions around the world – quickly and suited just to your needs.

High-Performance Edge Data Center Solutions

Rittal edge solutions are designed to meet the needs of your smart business model – from decentralized data processing on site to connections to the cloud.

Our modular system enables individually scalable combinations of OT and IT components like IT
racks, cooling, electric distribution, monitoring and security. We have server, switch and storage
systems as well. As a complete solution, you get a high-performance edge data center including software solutions or an edge data center in a container with IT as a Service from our strong outsourcing partners.

Rittal concepts are flexible, and highly standardized so we can offer the best solutions for every customer in every industry.

Put together your own edge data center now. The Rittal Configurator is perfect for SMEs and IoT applications.

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