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01 - Network/server racks

Rack systems provide stability for sensitive electronics components. They also supply the hardware with cooling, power and connectivity precisely where this is needed. The systems serve as an interface for the selected cooling concept and provide an insight into the current status of the data center via intelligent management functions. With appropriate add-ons, they can also facilitate asset management and increase uptime.

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Network SolutionsEdge Data CenterIT security

02 - Rack/bayed cooling - LCP platform

LCP CW: Extremely high heat loads are dissipated from the IT racks via air/water heat exchangers. LCP DX: Ideal for cooling of small and medium-sized IT applications.

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IT coolingEdge Data CenterData Center Container

03 - Power distribution/backup

Power distribution and backup are essential components of high-availability IT.
Rack-based power distribution is available as a standard PDU or a modular power distribution solution (modular PDU – PSM).
This paves the way for customised rack PDU solutions – from basic power distribution systems all the way through to intelligent solutions with comprehensive measuring and management functions.

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Network SolutionsEdge Data CenterModular Data Center

04 - Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Rittal ABB UPS systems – modular rack mounting, n+1 redundant and scalable.

Use in the following solutions:
Edge Data CenterData Center Container

05 - IT monitoring

Obtain a better overview of your IT infrastructure thanks to flexible, customised solutions for controlling and monitoring all physical parameters in your IT environment.

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IT securityEdge Data Center

06 - LCU – efficient cooling

Efficient cooling of TS IT racks and Micro Data Centers without wasting space.
Optimum support for IT-compatible front-to-back air routing.
Single version and redundant configuration available for the ultimate in fail-safe operation.

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Edge Data CenterIT cooling

07 - CRAC - precision climate control units

CRAC CW and CRAC DX precision climate control units from Rittal offer optimum climatic conditions for data centers that are subject to high thermal loads but require perfect room climate control. The units ensure precise control of temperature and humidity to optimise environmental conditions for high-end IT equipment. Waste heat is dissipated as required. Solutions with built-in redundancy ensure fail-safe, energy-efficient operation.

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IT cooling

08 - Aisle containment

Door and roof components separate hot and cold air in the data center. This is pivotal to increasing the efficiency of climate control technology.
Both hot and cold aisle containment are possible.

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IT cooling

09 - Chillers for IT cooling

Especially for cooling IT applications, such as LCP or air/water heat exchangers. Safety-relevant features such as redundant speed-controlled pumps, compressors or buffer stores.

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IT cooling

10 - Fire alarm and extinguisher system

With the VdS-certified early fire detection and extinguisher system for network and server racks, up to five bayed racks can be monitored and extinguished in the event of a fire. The eco-friendly fire suppression agent NOVEC™ 1230 is safe for use with IT components.

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IT securityEdge Data Center

11 - Micro Data Center

Secure safes in a variety of designs create a physical barrier around one or more server racks. A range of complementary configuration components turn the safe into a fully fitted Micro Data Center.

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IT security

12 - Data Center Container

IT container based on a modular principle - Modular container-housed data centers offer the ideal scalable solution. Whether customised for SME, cloud or edge applications or preconfigured data center containers, our modular container system always offers you the perfect solution for your needs.

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Data Center ContainerModular Data CenterCloud Solutions

13 - Industry 4.0

Digitisation offers a whole host of opportunities for business, trade and industry but also throws up new challenges for IT infrastructures. Increasing flexibility, efficiency and speed are required for IT solutions to deal with complex tasks and huge volumes of data. Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, big data, analytics and edge computing are the driving forces behind this process. Your business, too, therefore needs innovative IT infrastructures to meet these requirements – now and even more so in the future.

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Cloud SolutionsEdge Data CenterModular Data Center