01 - Smart Industry

Manufacturing is being transformed by digitalization. Industry 4.0 is paving the way for digital twins, predictive maintenance, and smart factories. Sensors in machines and their components are networked and can process data and communicate with each other in real time. Production processes can be optimized by analyzing all the data coming from the machines. But to meet these demands, even in rough environments, edge data centers need to be put to use to manage the information and deliver information in real time to help improve product quality, traceability, and availability.

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Robust and Turn-key Ready

02 - Smart Telco

Everyone is streaming everything. There’s more and more content out there, and no one wants to wait for it. The demand for high-quality and high-speed data, anywhere, is a challenge telecommunication providers have to meet. 5G will be here in 2020 – the development of networks with speeds in multi-gigabits per second is the new driver for the telco market. A decisive factor for the increase in capacity and data rates is a dramatic increase in the number of receiving and transmitting antennas. This is the only way the needs of the consumers and the demands on the telecommunication providers can be satisfied.

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Open Standards for an Open Future

03 - Smart Government

Intelligently networked IT and communication technologies can help public institutions carry out their tasks more efficiently and effectively. One example is using condition monitoring for intelligent outdoor lighting systems so that power surges and other anomalies can be quickly reported and optimized. Air-quality monitoring and CCTV surveillance are other important benefits of technology applications in governance. Edge data centers speedup data processing and can process image data in real time, providing information faster so reaction times are shorter. This is critical in providing seamless security from government services like police and fire departments. Town halls and other state-run offices also benefit, streamlining processes like zoning and construction regulations, elections, and interactions with governing councils.

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Highly Scalable and Energy Efficient

04 - Smart Retail

Digitally-supported shopping is booming: It’s quick, it’s easy, and it enhances the customer experience while driving efficiency. Electronic newsletters, sales promotions, customer preferences and profiles all help consumers stay oriented and feel like they are in safe hands. In stores and markets, retail data is enhanced by using data centers at the edge of the network. When retailers are geographically spread across a market, an Intelligent Assistant application benefits from the three-layer model of an edge data center.

Edge computing enhances on-site retailing by optimizing product availability, streamlining logistics, and deciphering customer preferences. Constant availability of this data through edge computing enables the steering of customer behavior. But because these systems interact with all the branches of the retailer, the solutions also need to be highly standardized.

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Decentralized Networked IT Structure

05 - Smart Healthcare

Modern healthcare systems are an intelligent network between pharmacies, hospitals, insurers, and
healthcare providers. Patient data generated in practices, clinics, and hospitals requires high availability and secure shareability. Diagnostic imaging alone generates massive data that has to be managed precisely – processed, evaluated, stored – and very quickly. In operating rooms and during patient monitoring, healthcare providers must be able to rely completely on the functionality and accuracy of devices, sensors, and applications.

An edge data center can offer highly accurate confidential information with very low latency and very high security. Digitalized healthcare can speed up and increase accuracy in diagnoses, and help craft specific treatment plans, helping patients in body and soul.

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Secure Environment for Confidential Data

06 - Smart Finance

Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. Cashless transactions are king. And edge computing is highly applicable in the automation of transaction and billing processes in the financial world where low latency is required. Consumers participate in fully automated, intelligent processes to acquire goods and services. For example: Filling up the tank at a gas station is completely automated, including payment. Conditions and results are completely programmed, and as long as the sensors are present for sending and receiving data, the desired result occurs. The data involved in these transactions doesn’t need to go to a cloud – edge data centers located nearby guarantee low latency and real-time data analysis. The physical proximity of an edge data center also increases real-time data availability.

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Automated and Secure Processes

07 - Smart Mobility

Technological developments in automotive, railway, and air mobility are transforming the way people and goods are moved from one point to the next. Traffic systems are being improved, vehicles networked, and data from fuel consumption, speed, and traffic conditions are all collected, analyzed, and distributed.

Vehicles are becoming more autonomous and can offer driving assistance in real time to help
avoid critical situations. For example, if a car begins to slide on ice, V2V systems can communicate this information in real time to warn other vehicles in the area. Aviation and railway industries are increasingly digitalizing products and services, connecting operations and logistics for more efficient performance. In urban settings, public and private transportation is constantly being optimized with navigational tools, and even parking apps, to keep everything running smoothly, and getting everyone where they need to go on time. All these tools generate high volumes of data.

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Scalable and Turn-key Ready

08 - Rittal: A Smart Decision

Rittal offers businesses of all sizes a future-proof edge data center with a “Made in Germany” quality endorsement. Thanks to our strong partnerships, we deliver turnkey comprehensive solutions with integrated IT, OT, and software.

Our customers profit from 50 years of experience in providing solutions for industry and manufacturing. That’s how Rittal has established an international reputation as a technology and innovation leader, and global market leader in industrial enclosure systems. Our projects are on the fast track, and automated production means our components are quickly available worldwide.

A high degree of standardization, maximum modularity, and optimum scalability mean we can meet all your needs – effectively and efficiently. As a family-owned company, we also ensure a lasting and secure investment. Edge solutions from Rittal are a smart decision for a smart world.

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