Rittal Introduces the ePocket: Revolutionising Enclosure Documentation with Digital Efficiency

Rittal ePocket: The digital wiring plan pocket for operation

Rittal introduces the ePocket, a transformative digital solution revolutionising the way project documentation is managed and accessed. This cloud-based virtual wiring plan pocket utilises a unique Rittal QR code as an identifier, ensuring that project information stays with the enclosure throughout its entire lifecycle. This innovative approach guarantees that project data travels with the enclosure from manufacturing through to operation and maintenance, significantly enhancing efficiency and minimising downtime, while also reducing the risk of lost or outdated documentation.

With Rittal ePocket, the cloud-based, digital wiring plan pocket, Eplan and Rittal provide a home for equipment and system documentation, including a digital twin.

The ePocket represents a significant advancement in managing project documentation. Transitioning to a virtual format, the ePocket addresses the common challenges associated with physical project packs, which are prone to loss or damage. It offers a secure, cloud-based repository for all project-related documents, accessible through a distinctive Rittal QR code linked to each enclosure. This feature ensures that the latest documentation is readily available to design engineers and maintenance technicians, thereby streamlining communication and operational processes. 

The ePocket, included at no cost to Rittal customers, has been designed to seamlessly integrate with Rittals extensive range of enclosures, including TS, VX SE, AE, and KL. It also highlights the company's dedication to digital innovation and sustainability. This further cements Rittal's position as a leader in the digital transformation of industrial operations, setting new standards in efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.

Rittal's ePocket has earned industry recognition, notably with the Siemens Supplier Sustainability Award. This award acknowledges the ePocket's role in reducing CO2 emissions and fostering better collaboration across the manufacturing sector. It confirms the ePocket's importance in promoting sustainable manufacturing and its ability to provide a market edge.