Aerospace industry

Rittal reliably hits the heights

Aerospace is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Here, too, digitalization is creating new business models throughout the sector.

It is affecting everyone from aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers to airports and airlines, requiring them to look beyond their core areas of expertise and adapt their strategic approach to the new digital challenges. Without a digital strategy, companies run the risk of missing out on vital momentum and benefits on the fiercely competitive aerospace market.

For example, artificial intelligence is ideal for utilising the huge volumes of data collected throughout an aircraft’s life cycle – during production, maintenance and also actual flights. Analysing this data leads to more efficient, economical and fail-safe operation throughout an aircraft’s service life.

To meet the associated challenges, Rittal offers complete infrastructure solutions for data centres and IT networks. The many different options range from planning and project management for bricks-and-mortar data centres to cloud solutions and edge data centres for real-time data processing.

Robust infrastructure for an intelligent value chain

This calls for high-performance, state-of-the-art infrastructure. Given its classification as critical infrastructure that must deliver absolute reliability to ensure processes run smoothly, aerospace infrastructure needs to meet high safety and security standards. Other criteria include indoor and outdoor enclosures that can withstand extreme environmental stresses (jet fuel, urea, high/low temperatures) and a reliable energy supply with inbuilt redundancy that must also be protected against external influences.  

Rittal offers modular rack and enclosure technology, efficient climate control, power distribution, planning tools and global service support for the aerospace industry. The resulting impressive technical, organisational and economic benefits, which include custom solutions for the airport industry, apply to all tasks on aircraft and at airports. The portfolio includes end-to-end system and infrastructure solutions for all areas of the aerospace industry – both holistic and project-specific – for all indoor and outdoor requirements. Rittal products meet global standards and provide highly effective solutions with maximum operational reliability, all from a single source.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance – the inside track

Predictive maintenance is the key to fast, problem-free automated production.

Climate control

Cooling units

Cooling units keep the enclosure internal temperature at a constant level, which is independent of the ambient temperature. The air routing meets individual requirements. Two separate circuits prevent the ingress of dust into the enclosure.


Flight simulation for safety tests

Before an A320 can take off for its maiden flight from the runway at the Airbus factory in Hamburg-Finkenwerder, a variety of tests and simulations need to be successfully completed, during which powerful servers and other hardware components in...