Ecosystem IT

For all IT scenarios: Fast, dependable, exceptional

Imagine if technologies such as cloud and edge computing, data analytics, AI or 5G evolved automatically to keep pace with latest developments, and you no longer needed to worry about the impossible IT challenges posed by the explosive growth in data traffic. Imagine if a standardised platform could enable you to respond faster, more reliably and more effectively to any IT scenario. Imagine if you could create new business models by rapidly capturing, transmitting and analysing vast quantities of data while still retaining full sovereignty over your own data. Imagine if technologies such as cloud and edge computing, data analytics, AI or 5G evolved automatically to keep pace with latest developments, and you no longer needed to worry about the impossible IT challenges posed by the explosive growth in data traffic. Imagine if a standardised platform could enable you to respond faster, more reliably and more effectively to any IT scenario. Imagine if you could create new business models by rapidly capturing, transmitting and analysing vast quantities of data while still retaining full sovereignty over your own data.

Sounds like a pipe dream? It’s not. It’s already a reality. In collaboration with our sister company German Edge Cloud and partners, our “Rittal Ecosystem IT” already has the answers to these questions. It uses standardised components, systems and solutions create a scalable, cost-effective IT environment for edge and cloud scenarios that meets every conceivable requirement.

Rittal Ecosystem IT

Our portfolio ranges from racks, bundles, rooms and containers, to complete OT infrastructures, through to turnkey data centres and locations for data centres and managed services. We are one-stop providers of all services at every stage of the data centre lifecycle: from planning, to implementation, through to operation and optimisation of an IT infrastructure. Private cloud platforms and managed services are supplied by German Edge Cloud, together with real-time, AI-based edge cloud applications for industry.

Rittal RiMatrix NG – An open system platform for all IT infrastructures
Standardised, modular systems engineering comprising the rack, power, cooling, security and monitoring allows fast, simple and flexible assembly of individual solutions for all IT scenarios – from small individual rack installations, through to edge, enterprise, colocation and hyperscale data centres.

The benefits for you:

Maximum flexibility

  • RiMatrix NG provides maximum flexibility in every dimension (output range, scope of installation, availability, fail-safeness, involvement of certified partners)
  • The portfolio is complemented by variable financing models (leasing) for scalable, demand-driven investments
  • Continuous development adapts seamlessly to future technology trends
  • Sustainable, cost-cutting modularity based on energy-efficient components

Reliable solutions

  • RiMatrix NG embodies tested Rittal quality to international standards
  • Compatibility with pre-installed systems means reliable extendibility
  • International approvals for worldwide use
  • Documentation and training, plus a comprehensive production reliability service

Rapid use

  • Predefined, tried-and-tested data centre solutions and first-time integration of OCP technology into standard applications reduces the client input
  • Precisely tailored to the requirements of IT components as well as superordinate management systems and applications
  • Complete solutions available for rapid use
  • Fast, simple configuration of components with the Rittal Configuration System
  • Product delivery within 24/48 hours (standard configurations in Europe)

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Rittal DataCube RDC – A data centre in a container
Ever-expanding data volumes are having a major impact on IT infrastructures. Demand for CPU and storage capacity is growing at an equally rapid pace, creating a need for ever more servers and storage systems, yet the floorspace available for IT infrastructure has barely changed. Rittal’s data centres in a container are the perfect solution. These standardised systems are very quick to install, with a customised concept tailored to your individual requirements.

The benefits for you:

  • Customised, platform-based container solutions
  • Predefined modules are combined to create a customised container data centre
  • Pre-assembled container solutions can be up and running in next to no time.
  • Project planning by Rittal
  • Turnkey delivery of a field-tested solution complete with comprehensive documentation.

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Lifecycle IT
A data centre is continuously evolving and adapting. It needs to be flexible to keep pace with a company’s changing requirements. With the comprehensive portfolio of solutions that make up its Lifecycle IT, Rittal will support you throughout all four phases of your data centre’s lifecycle: from planning and implementation through to the operation and optimisation of an IT infrastructure spanning multiple locations.

Once the concept has been drafted, the appropriate solution modules are selected, and the investment (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX) calculated.

The physical infrastructure (electricity, cooling, monitoring, security) is installed. Other IT components (servers, storage, switches) may optionally be integrated by Rittal and its partners. This is followed by commissioning and sign-off.

The data centre is operated by the client or by one of our partners as a managed service.

The efficiency, cost and sustainability of the installed solution are carefully analysed to identify any potential for optimization in your data centre.

IT consulting and system solutions
When scaling data centre projects in multiple dimensions, how do you determine the correct structure and size? How do you choose between small, distributed edge data centres, container and high-performance data centres, “conventional” core and company data centres or cloud, colocation and hyperscale data centres? And how about cooling – do you opt for rack, suite or room climate control, water or refrigerant-based, indirect or direct?

By adopting an holistic approach encompassing all framework conditions and influencing factors, you can help to avoid planning errors and develop a future-proof solution. The expert teams at our Rittal IT Competence Centres are extremely knowledgeable, with many years of experience drawn from countless international IT projects. Our specialists can assist you with all aspects of concept development and execution of data centres, TCO calculations, and issues relating to security and monitoring/maintenance planning.

What we offer:

  • Central, IPMA-certified project managers
  • Project management in Germany based on DIN EN 50600
  • Concept development by Uptime Institute-accredited Tier Designers
  • Planning confidence underpinned by many years of experience and a broad product portfolio

How you benefit:

  • Professional support throughout every phase of your IT project
  • bespoke system concept tailored to your requirements

Our partners include ABB, HPE, Siemens and Atos
Strategic alliances with highly respected global market leaders help us exploit synergies with knowledge sharing, market access and supporting our international clients. By joining forces, we can deliver complete IT solutions and a comprehensive range of services, from suitable IT hardware through to a secure, efficient and scalable infrastructure. For example, the Secure Edge Data Center (SEDC) features a redundant and secure power supply from ABB, and innovative IT applications and services from HPE. Rittal is also one of the world’s leading IT infrastructure providers and collaborates with Atos on the planning, operation and servicing of data centres. Together with Siemens, we offer a “container as a service” solution, allowing IoT applications to be used safely and rapidly in any location. Close collaboration with channel partners such as resellers or system integrators also helps to streamline the cost-efficient delivery of complete, ready-to-use data centres.

The benefits of manufacturer expertise
Modern IT systems represent the lifeblood of many companies. As data volumes continuously expand and become ever more complex, it is now more vital than ever to be able to rely on a functioning digital infrastructure that is always available. Detailed expert knowledge, short response times and exceptional support quality are key requirements for any service partner. Put your faith in the tried-and-trusted Rittal service and reap the following benefits:

The benefits for you:

  • Comprehensive support, from concept development through to the after-sales service and beyond
  • Reliable support for your IT systems with professional lifecycle management
  • Highly qualified service technicians and infrastructure specialists
  • Solid expert knowledge plus manufacturer expertise
  • Web-based and automated service processes
  • Ready availability of original spare parts

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IT at a calculable cost
If you prefer not to invest in and operate your data centre yourself, you can also purchase your own individual IT infrastructure as a service from the cloud, at fixed monthly rates. This is ideal for customers with exacting data privacy requirements and strict compliance regulations. The clever thing about the portfolio offered by our sister company German Edge Cloud is that reusable modules can be compiled individually to suit the customer’s specific requirements.

German Edge Cloud offers state-of-the-art cloud platform technologies from three independent Tier 3+ data centres in Frankfurt, Germany. These platforms are compiled to specific technical requirements, privatised in line with compliance regulations, and where necessary supplemented with additional service and operating modules.

The benefits for you:

  • From data centres as a service, to infrastructures as a service, through to distributed platforms as a service
  • Managed platform and application services: Operational support for databases, load balancers etc.
  • Transition partner: Concept development and execution of large migration projects including gradual conversion of legacy systems to modern cloud technologies
  • Transformation enabler: Let our experts take your application and IT landscape to the next automation level and support you with IT strategy advice

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ONCITE – the all-in-one solution for industry

ONCITE is a turnkey edge cloud data centre for real-time Industry 4.0 application scenarios with data sovereignty. It stores and processes production data in almost real time (“on premise”) and harmonises data for artificial intelligence (AI)-based analyses.

This allows companies to digitally optimise their production with a minimal set-up time, maximise the value of their data, and then make this data available for future use. Users retain full sovereignty over their data and can decide for themselves who is given access to which data and which platforms and public clouds they wish to use to connect with their partners.

The solution was developed by Rittal and German Edge Cloud – a member of the Friedhelm Loh Group – in close collaboration with Bosch Connected Industry and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD)

Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD) on the west coast of Norway sets new standards in our industry. The five-storey system of tunnels covering an area of 120,000 m² boasts an overall capacity of 200 MW. It is powered solely by renewable energies and cooled by water from a nearby fjord. It offers significant cost savings of up to 40% compared with a cloud data centre location in Germany, for example. What’s more, it is also highly secure: Whilst the rock formation provides natural protection from electromagnetic waves, physical access is also limited to two entry points.

The Lefdal Mine Datacenter is the only facility of its kind in the world, and is proving to be a worthwhile investment, because more and more companies need access to highly flexible, secure and efficient IT resources. The standardised Rittal Data Center Containers meet these requirements. Flexible, scalable IT infrastructures can be implemented within just six weeks.