Process industry

Cutting-edge, efficient workflows in the process industry

The process industry is plagued by disruptions. Challenges include fluctuating raw material and energy prices, the uncertain availability of raw materials and ever more stringent environmental protection requirements. Transparent, efficient and controlled processes at all levels of the company are a key success factor.

Intelligent system solutions from a single source

Rittal offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for all segments of the industry, including upstream, midstream and downstream operations. High-performance, state-of-the-art infrastructure and digitalization solutions pay dividends throughout the process chain – from extraction and transportation all the way through to processing.

  • Thanks to Rittal climate control solution with up to 75 per cent lower energy consumption and maximum flexibility as a result of multi-voltage capability
  • Thanks to the development of standard-compliant IIoT solutions for networking machinery and equipment such as smart sensors for enclosure monitoring
  • Thanks to smart service concepts for boosting system availability and service efficiency that are fit for the future
  • Thanks to customised planning and project management of IT infrastructure solutions
  • Thanks to tailored end-to-end solutions for IT Infrastructur
  • Thanks to scalable Rittal Edge Data Centers for reliable data processing