Red-carpet roll-out for new data centre

Year after year, when the words “And the Oscar goes to” are uttered, it is a near-certainty that ARRI equipment had a starring role to play. In recent years, digital technologies have revolutionised the film industry. And that means big data – because digital camera systems generate vast volumes of bits and bytes. These must be processed by sophisticated means during post-production – and doing so in a fast, reliable way is one of the major challenges of movie-making. To ensure it can continue to offer high-quality solutions, ARRI partnered with Rittal to upgrade its IT infrastructure.

ARRI is well-known in the film industry for its high-quality camera and lighting systems. Our requirements in terms of IT infrastructure are correspondingly high. We consciously chose solutions from Rittal, as, over many years, we have had very positive experiences with their products and customer service.
Gerald Freundl, IT Operations Manager at ARRI

ARRI develops and markets camera and lighting systems for the movie and TV industries. In addition, it operates as an integrated service provider in the post-production stage of feature films and TV series, and provides camera, lighting system and stage rental services. Within the scope of its media service portfolio, ARRI offers customers end-to-end data-management-as-a-service – from post-production to archiving. For conventional film-industry contracts and projects in, for example, the medical or automotive industries, ARRI requires significant IT resources – and a data centre with maximum reliability.

Against this background, ARRI chose to implement solutions from Rittal at its new facility in Munich. These include components such as TS IT racks, plus LCP (Liquid Cooling Package) units to ensure energy-efficient, in-row cooling via rack enclosures. In addition, UPS units from Rittal’s partner ABB ensure reliable power supply, while Rittal CMC-III systems monitor the infrastructure.

The data centre offers an outstanding level of physical security. It was built within a building interior and has no windows. Furthermore, an access-control system, extensive monitoring and camera surveillance provide additional robust protection. Rittal and ARRI worked closely to design and implement the IT security and availability solution.


Arri GmbH
Munich, Germany

High IT capacities for post-production
Maximum secure data center 


LCPs for energy-efficient row cooling via a rack enclosure
ABB UPS system for maximum availability
Monitoring via CMC III