Automated driving at the BMW Group

Pit stop for 16 TB of data

Adaptive cruise control and lane assist are two functions devised by automotive developers some 20 years ago that have long since become standard features in all new cars. However, countless further test drives will be required and huge volumes of data will need to be evaluated before automated driving truly becomes a reality. That’s the goal towards which the BMW Group is working, collecting data during numerous test drives and processing it in a Rittal IT container.


BMW - Rittal Data Center Container
Munich , Germany

Collecting data during test drives

Storing and transferring this data to main DC 

Not enough space for setting up a DC at the location

Housing of three so-called copy racks

Access only to the copy racks and not the IT infrastructure e.g. cooling 



Turnkey DC container with racks, UPS and cooling with parking space next to the DC

DC is divided into two sections, drivers can only access the front part where they insert the the storage devices

Rear part of the DC is enclosed and locked and access is only ossible for authorised personnel only 

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