Gels GmbH

Wiring now six times faster

Industry 4.0 is being put into practice at Gels GmbH. The company relies on an optimum solution – from design and project planning to implementation – without any interface losses. With support from Eplan and Rittal Automation Systems it is all made very easy.

Gels GmbH from Niederlangen in Lower Saxony has been involved in the design, development and manufacture of panels and switchgear since 2015. The automation of production processes is one of its core expertise. Industry 4.0 is being put into practice from design to project planning, commissioning and service – the entire value chain is digitised. 

The circuit and system diagrams are created in EPLAN P8 and EPLAN Pro Panel. Accordingly, during electrical planning, all the control enclosures, switchgear, and power distribution systems for energy supply are put in a 3D model that generates the data for the production machines. This represents an ideal basis for all the following steps. After successful testing in production preparation, production begins with components from well-known manufacturers. 

The Gels Technology Centre, which features all the Rittal Automation Systems solutions, is positioned between engineering and final testing. 
The Perforex BC 1007 HC machine drills holes, cuts threads and mills cut-outs in a single operation. All the usual materials employed in panel building can be machined, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and plastic. The specialists at Gels cut wiring ducts, cable duct covers and support rails quickly, precisely and safely to length with the Secarex cutting centre. “We can cut very precisely with the Secarex in just a few simple steps,” explains Hendrik Otten, Director Industry at Gels GmbH. The Rittal Wire Terminal then completes the automated production steps. 

With help from the Wire Terminal, we can do things up to six times faster than in conventional wiring.
Hendrik Otten, Director Industry at Gels GmbH

Cutting to the required length and the wire stripping and crimping operations are performed without any operator intervention being needed. As a result, up to 36 different wires can be produced fully automatically in cross-sections ranging from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm², without any retrofitting being needed. 

“Our high level of automation promises fast and high-quality production,” concludes a satisfied Thorsten Gels, Managing Director at Gels GmbH.


Gels GmbH
Niederlangen, Germany

High degree of automation in production processes


Rittal Automation Systems and EPLAN planning software