Littau GmbH

Upgraded to a research vessel

Originally built in 1981, the fisheries protection vessel Seefalke was transformed into one of the world’s most state-of-the-art research ships in the space of just two years. Littau, a switchgear engineering company that specialises in industrial and shipbuilding applications, was responsible for fitting out the heart of the ship – its new main switchboard – and opted once again for enclosure technology from Rittal.

We have been using solutions from Rittal for quite some time due to the high quality of its products. The difference in quality standard is most apparent on the upper deck, where Rittal enclosures stand alongside competitors’ products and are exposed to harsh weather conditions.
Kai Töllner, Sales Manager at Littau

Secure switching system
At 7.20 metres in length, the main switchboard controls the power supply throughout the entire ship from one place. Two diesel generators feed power to busbars in the main switchboard, where it is then distributed to the various consumers in the ship. The system features a total of 12 sections that are each assigned to certain consumers. Every section incorporates Rittal TS 8 enclosures, which come with GL (Germanischer Lloydm nowadys DNV) certification as standard, and Maxi-PLS power distribution technology from Rittal.

Flexible through and through
The core of the TS 8 is the 16x folded vertical section of the frame, which delivers excellent stability and also offers a second mounting level and thus diverse configuration options thanks to a comprehensive range of system accessories. The excellent flexibility of the enclosure solution also extends to the Ri4Power power distribution system from Rittal. Indeed, the connection-friendly system offers numerous advantages for power infeed, where a multitude of cables converge.

Packed with Rittal
In addition to the large enclosures, the entire ship – from the engine room via the decks to the bridge – is packed with compact and small enclosures. For example, there are several compact enclosures in the engine room that house the control technology for the ventilation, fire dampers, rudder hydraulics and waste incinerator. More than 80 percent of the enclosures on board – almost 100 – are from Rittal.


Littau GmbH
Kiebitzreihe, Germany

Constructing the main switchboard for the entire power supply on one of the most cutting-edge research ships



Rittal TS 8 enclosures, which come with Germanischer Lloyd certification (nowadays DNV) as standard, are installed in each of the 12 sections of the system


Maxi PLS power distribution technology and Ri4Power system


Rittal compact and small enclosures are also installed in the ship and engine rooms, on the decks and on the bridge