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Enclosure constructor cuts costs with automation solution from Rittal

Enclosure constructor cuts costs with automation solution from Rittal British enclosure constructor Pneumatechnique Ltd. was looking for ways to reduce its operating and overhead costs through automation. It found the solution it needed at Rittal: The Perforex machining centre reduces the machining time for enclosures, improves the accuracy of recurrent working operations, and allows specialist production staff to be deployed more efficiently.

Today, we can complete a project in 20 minutes that would previously have taken four hours. At the same time, quality has improved.
Adam Wilson, Production Manager at Pneumatechnique Ltd.

Before: Simple working operations and an enormous amount of effort

The biggest challenge for Pneumatechnique was the inefficient way that its production staff were deployed: The great variety of versions with small lot sizes meant that highly qualified, well-paid staff could not be deployed according to their abilities. “We needed our people to perform the simplest processing steps, such as drilling. This tied up a lot of resources and cost a great deal of money,” said Jim Venters, Pneumatechnique’s Managing Director. An automation solution was needed as a remedy.

Today: Automated machining with Rittal Perforex

When carrying out its market research, the enclosure constructor found out about the Rittal Perforex CNC machining centre, which completes all the machining operations fully automatically. Cost calculations showed that the investment in the machine would significantly reduce the operating and general costs, and that it would pay off without a doubt.

Greater quality thanks to high repeatability

Another advantage of automation: Although the machining time for each enclosure has been dramatically reduced, the machining quality has been increased even more thanks to the high level of mechanical precision. “From a production point of view, the machine’s greatest benefit is its repeatability,” added Adam Wilson, Production Manager at Pneumatechnique. “The machine has only to be set up once – everything else functions on its own. The parts are reliably dimensional accurate and within the tolerances. And errors that used to occur during manual processing can be ruled out.”


Pneumatechnique Ltd.
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Using automation to cut costs and machining times
Improving repeatability
Deploying specialist production staff efficiently


Reducing machining times while also optimising quality
Improving the accuracy of recurring operations