Digitalization is creating new business models

Connected and smart, cutting-edge information and communication technologies, along with the associated digital value-adding processes, have become much more widespread in recent years.

Digitalization is creating new possibilities for future-focused business models at companies in all sectors of industry. It optimises processes, improving efficiency and productivity while also cutting costs.

Digitalization – as represented by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – is playing an increasingly important role in industry, with ever more frequent use being made of technologies such as the smart factory, predictive maintenance and the digital twin.This trend means the number of devices and connections that share data via the Internet is rising rapidly. 

Focus on security and data privacy – with cross-sector solutions

One of the biggest challenges associated with digitalization is security. A holistic approach is called for here because it is vital to protect the network, devices and – last but not least – the data they contain. The IT infrastructure’s scalability also plays a key role when it comes to meeting the future requirements associated with the digital transformation.

The wide-ranging portfolio from Rittal provides cross-sector solutions.

Our performance promise:

  • Thanks to Rittal intelligent PDU (Power Distribution Unit)
  • Thanks to Rittal Edge Data Centers for Industry 4.0 applications
  • Thanks to Rittal IT cooling solutions for every requirement, with the focus on reliability and efficiency

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance – the inside track

Predictive maintenance is the key to fast, problem-free automated production.

Industry 4.0

Enhanced efficiency and new business models thanks to the smart factory

Networking and digitalizing their production enables companies to meet growing customer expectations relating to individualisation, quality and fast product delivery.

IT security

Security solutions for critical IT infrastructure

Security is your IT infrastructure’s most important asset. Better safe than sorry – protect your systems against both physical risks and cyber threats.