We are ready for digital health

Digitalization is transforming the entire healthcare sector, with e-health set to play a more important role in healthcare provision. Examples include services such as video consultations, incorporating data from wearable devices in diagnostics and patient care, and using digital solutions in surgeries, hospitals and laboratories. Rittal is helping the healthcare sector with this revolution. We can draw on our extensive experience in areas such as data analysis, secure storage of confidential data, networking companies and infrastructures of all sizes, and planning and providing fail-safe systems.

Strong IT partners for an increasingly digital healthcare system

Patients are very enthusiastic about the new possibilities of digitalization in healthcare. Indeed, the number of video consultations has been growing steadily since GPs started offering this option. They are used by patients who find it difficult to leave the house and by people who struggle to free up time in their busy work schedules to visit the doctor. Video consultations are just one example of how digital services are revolutionising the healthcare sector. Networked blood sugar measuring devices and wearables with an ECG function enable doctors to record patients’ vitals while they are going about their everyday lives. All kinds of networked diagnostic devices are giving surgeries and hospitals more options. In addition to this, Silicon Valley is producing a whole host of health tech innovations that are designed to detect diseases sooner or treat them in a more targeted way and thus with greater success. Technologies and solutions such as big data and artificial intelligence are playing an ever greater role in these innovations.

The importance of IT solutions in healthcare has already increased massively

This trend will continue in the years ahead. Imaging test methods generate large volumes of data that need to be managed, processed, evaluated and stored very quickly. Healthcare service providers must be able to rely on the functionality and accuracy of instruments, sensors and applications in operating theatres and when monitoring patients. This means hospitals and other medical service providers require edge computing solutions to analyse large volumes of data. Sensitive digital patient files and the associated diagnostic data must be stored securely and reliably but, where necessary, it must also be easy to share the relevant information to allow closer collaboration between healthcare professionals.

Bespoke IT solutions from Rittal help doctors and patients alike

The healthcare system needs strong partners with IT expertise who understand its requirements while also ensuring optimum information and data security, maximum availability and reliable continuity. We help surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare service providers cure patients faster and improve people’s health and quality of life using state-of-the-art technology. We offer sound expertise and custom edge computing solutions to analyse large volumes of data. Several surgeries or sites can use a private cloud to form a network. Together with our partner German Edge Cloud, we create secure private clouds, if required, or offer Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions. Our portfolio also includes planning and managing IT projects using modular, scalable and customisable solutions. We ensure the ultimate in IT and data security with the relevant certifications. As early as the design and planning stage, but also during implementation and subsequent operation of IT solutions in the healthcare system, we offer clearly definable service level agreements to guarantee operational continuity and technical availability. In addition to all this, our portfolio covers both physical and system-based protection of the IT infrastructure – against unauthorised access, for example.

IT security

Security solutions for critical IT infrastructure

Security is your IT infrastructure’s most important asset. Better safe than sorry – protect your systems against both physical risks and cyber threats.

B. Braun

A data centre that meets Industry 4.0 requirements in a flash

The IT experts at B. Braun, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical technology and pharmaceutical products, were faced with a real challenge – rapidly expanding the site’s IT infrastructure ready for a new, state-of-the-art production facility.

IT infrastructure

IT security solutions

The perfect protection from physical threats to your IT infrastructure: From modular room systems, through to security safes and extinguisher systems.